Carpet Cleaning Marketing

Master Search Marketing

There are two ways people find carpet cleaners.

The first is ask around for recommendations. People ask friends directly, and also put out posts to their social media networks to get recommendations. Word of mouth remains powerful, necessary marketing.

Second, people go online and search; instead of asking a person, they ask Google Home. Okay Google, who are some affordable carpet cleaners near me?

Start by doing some keyword research to discover the keyword phrases you want to target around carpet cleaning searches.

You need your carpet cleaning service to show up at the top of the results. There are three areas to look at.

The first is pay per click advertising (PPC). This is how you get to the top spots on search, using the auction systems on Google and Bing. PPC ads give you the most control over ranking and content delivery, but you have to pay to gain top spots.

Second, set up and optimize your Google My Business page. This is a free listing that connects to Google Maps. It’s the primary way that Google knows where your service area is so you come up for local searches. Optimize your descriptions with keywords and try to get customer reviews to increase your ranking.

Third, do search engine optimization (SEO) work on your website. This also gives you free ranking/clicks and is a good way to expand the keywords you rank for so you can get traffic from people doing informational searches. Optimize your main pages for your main target keywords, then use your blog to expand on various carpet and home care topics.

If you do this right, you can find your business ranking in three places on page one.



Talk Directly to Your Ideal Client

This strategy will help you generate new, IDEAL clients for your business with better-converting ads… And, you will be able to write them FAST.

Less stress. Less time. More clients. What’s not to love?

So, what is the secret? Write your ad to one (and ONLY one) person. Never write an ad to everyone.

Who are your best clients?



Sell The Benefits, Not the Service

Whatever you are selling, sell the benefits, not the features. This is a marketing rule. Sell the benefits of your cleaning services.

For example, these are features:

Low prices
Window Washing
Weekly or Bi Weekly cleans
You do NOT want these to be the “stars” of your ads. Instead, think about your clients.

What does Ms. Smith actually want from your cleaning services? Does she want to pay “only 49.99 per hour!” or … does she actually want “a nice clean home, without lifting a finger?”

Most clients want the same thing from housekeeping or maid services:

A clean home
At a great value
With minimal effort on their part
Notice I didn’t say “low cost?” Pricing is a complicated topic, but the truth is most clients don’t buy based on cost alone… We’ll talk about this more in the next strategy.

Here are some other Benefits you can stress in your ads (this works both for Digital and Print Marketing!):

“Get a Squeaky Clean House … without lifting a finger.”
“FREE Estimates. We will work around your schedule!”
“We can get the stains out of anything in your home.”
“Let us make your windows sparkle again”

College kids in their 20s?
Wealthy, older professionals?
Stay-at-home Moms with several children?
Print out a representative picture of them, and put it up anytime you are writing an ad (in marketing, we call this a Persona, or Avatar). In fact, sometimes I start my ads with, “Dear Mr. Smith.”

You can even add in specific information about your client, such as…

What age are they?
What is their estimated salary?
How many kids do they have?