10 Statistical Facts about Digital publishing that will Blow your Mind

The Consumers’ appetite for Digital Publishing content is growing day by day and is bigger than ever.  They read whenever and where-ever they can; at home, at work and on the go.

Traditional publishers have had to fit their old business models into the digital world, and digital only publishers are struggling to build their online publishing and to find loyal audiences.

10 Interesting Facts about Digital Publishing that will keep you intrigued

  1. 26% of Consumers prefer the Online Version of a Magazine over the Traditional Printed version. They can use their laptop, tablet or Smartphone to access the magazine, which makes it easier for today’s technologically programmed users.
  2. A wide range of Digital Content Publishers makes use of paid models as part of their growth strategies. Newspaper and Magazine Publishers have 95% paid subscription strategy to impact revenue positively.
  3. 50% of social network users share or repost news and stories, images or videos.
  4. 46% of users discuss new issues and events on social media network sites.
  5. 6 out of 10 Adults watch videos online.
  6. 36% of Adults watch the news via online videos and broadcasting.
  7. Facebook had an overall 170% increase in referral traffic to Media sites. This means that mobile plays an even larger role towards the digital publishers’ traffic.
  8. Advertisers are spending increasingly more money on digital properties. Digital Magazine advertising is expected to increase in billions.
  9. Digital Content Revenue will also increase from millions of $ to billions of $ in 2017. Digital revenues, which include all digital platforms, will also edge up towards more in billions of $.
  10. For most Publishers, their mobile traffic ranges from 15% – 60%, with the mobile traffic increasing more all over.

This peek into the digital publishing industry’s statistics shows that it is a constantly growing industry with more potential than ever.