But; what exactly is Digital Publishing and Marketing, and what Technology does it include?

Digital Publishing and Marketing can be described as the promotion of products or services via, one or more types of electronic media.  The Internet, Social media, Mobile phones and Electronic billboards are forms of advertising mediums that might be used as part of a digital marketing strategy.  Your strategy can also include videos, television and radio channels.

People are not just watching cute cat videos on social media anymore.  A lot of people rely on social media networks to do research and educate themselves in various areas of their lives.

The Influence of Digital Publishing and Marketing in Everyday life

47% of all Internet users have a Facebook account.  For marketers, it is important that you like and share their posts with others on your profile.

E-mail marketing is still the fastest and most direct way to reach customers.  E-mail has been around for more than 20 years, and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  People are very attached to their e-mails.  Successful e-mail marketing campaigns must be informative, engaging and entertaining.

Mobile Marketing is a vital part of online marketing.  We always have our mobile phones near to us, in a pocket, handbag or next to our beds.  We check them regularly throughout the day.  There are many ways to market on our mobile phones.  It is very important that Marketing through mobile channels should be engaging and nuanced.

Digital marketing on the Internet refers to advertising delivered through channels like search engines and websites.  It includes a wide range of marketing activities.  To draw the attention of users, the marketer should provide engaging content and a well-constructed, easy to use website.

Throughout all these types of digital marketing, the marketer tries to engage their possible clients, with relevant and resourceful Content.  Creating clever content that educates and inspires, will make it less likely that the marketer will be tuned out.