Publishing Events

A listing of our Best and Most Important Publishing Events this year

Since the start of digital media, many people diverted their attention to it, rather than the print versions.  Although print versions are still going strong, the digital market grows day by day.  Our publishing events won’t just give you key insights into the latest industry trends, you will find networking opportunities with other publishers in the industry.

Events coming up in the near future

29 July 2017 – Interior Awards:  The awards celebrate and recognise excellence in publishing the newest, creative designs in Interior Decorating.  Online and in print, the award winners are judged on their creativity and knowledge to publish the best content regarding their niche.

15 August 2017 – World Art:  In print and online, World Art’s foremost mandate is covering art from every part of the world, intelligently, to make it more accessible through language and cultural barriers.

30 September 2017 – Best Eat Drink Design Awards:  The awards are given towards excellence in all aspects of the Hospitality industry.  The awards categories include hospitality throughout the pop-ups, food truck and fine dining venues.

13 October 2017 – Inside Knowledge Design Day:  This is an event for all interior design lovers, held on the same day, across the world.

14 October 2017 – Inside Knowledge Design Awards:  Acknowledging excellence in residential interior design throughout the year.  The design publishing includes home ware, art, furniture, appliances and all interior design features.

Take your pick of these events and celebrate with us the diversity of Digital Publications.